Stagii de practica pentru studentii Universitatii Tehnice "Gh Asachi" din Iasi intr-un mediu de lucru real, ID 133398

With this new challenging project, we are going to implement in Romania in the next months, our technical team will carry on a series of activities related to:


• Facilitate and improve access to the labor market for students by providing counseling and career guidance.


This will happen through individual and group counseling and professional orientation sessions organized at the university, in workshops and through counseling and career guidance services in the virtual space (by using ICT tools and a Smartphone application).


Our main partner is the „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi1, which is among the oldest and best-known higher education institutions in Romania, with an important tradition in engineering, scientific and cultural education and a thriving presence on the international scene. Nowadays, the university integrates students from the following technical disciplines: Architecture; Automatic Control & Computer Engineering; Chemical Engineering & Environmental Protection; Civil Engineering & Building Services; Machine Manufacturing & Industrial Management; Electronics, Telecommunications & Information Technology; Electrical Engineering; Hydro-technics, Geodesy & Environmental Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Material Science & Engineering; Textiles, Leather & Industrial Management. The project will take place in Iasi and is addressed to University students of the “Technical Gh. Asachi, Faculty of Machine Construction and Industrial Management”. Our target group consists of students following the courses of the Faculty of machine building and industrial management.


The general objective (purpose) of the project is to increase to 129 the number of “Gh. Asachi University” graduates from Iasi as new employers, due to the access to a series of learning activities for a potential job / research / innovation role, with a focus on the economic sectors with competitive potential and the fields of intelligent specialization.


We should also increase by 321 the number of “Gh. Asachi University” of Iasi students supported for the transition from school to the labor market, by participating in internships at a potential job / research / innovation role they should be inserted in, with a focus on potentially competitive economic sectors. In Romania, we are going to support the development of the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit among a students, by organizing and implementing simulated enterprise activities. We will also aim to improve the insertion of students in the labor market through internships in real companies for Romanian students. Our role is related to the organization of practice internships for students, where they can act/ improve in specializations.


For a student, be part of an internships program is something really very strategic. The likelihood is that what they have in qualifications, they lack in practice, and it’s a stage that many (if not most) of them go through when they are student or newly graduated. In reality, education and qualifications are boxes that all of the candidates applying for the position will have ticked, and in an increasingly competitive world, experience is everything. For this reason, our target is to give direct support to 321 students from Iasi for their fast transition from university to European labor market, through internships, the development and the implementation of dedicated training programs, providing them counseling and career guidance service to all 321, organizing for a minimum of 36 of them a series of internships abroad.


At the same time, we would like to improve the employment capacity for hundreds of unemployed and people in job search, by providing integrated and innovative services of counseling, mediation and personalized professional training in the field of engineering, in order to improve professional skills and competences.


We will try to make a correlation of the competence offer of the target group with the requirements of the regional labor market and elaboration of the professional training offer, adapted to the regional and sectorial specifics.


At the same time, we will provide an integrated package of information and professional counseling services, mediation and professional training in the field of engineering. Last but not least, we also aim at increasing the visibility of the ever-changing professional competencies required in the field of engineering, supporting our target group of students and unemployed in a better orientation and professional occupation.


In order to reach these goals, we are going to carry on different activities, mostly related to: the Project Management; to all the activities of information, communication and dissemination; to providing counseling and mediation for employment, including the realization of individual mediation plans and organization of focused scholarships; in providing training and professional development programs for our project target group.


The conditions for carrying out the practical training traineeships will be in accordance with the specializations that GT follows, especially for entities operating in fields of specialization Intelligence. In addition, it should be pointed out that "Gh Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Machine Construction and Industrial Management runs in present collaborations for internships with companies such as Delphi Technologies Iasi, Continental Iasi, IG Watteeuw Iasi, OMCO Iasi, CNUD EFCO Iasi, Total Gaz Industrie Iasi and many others. According to BNR, in the first months of 2019, foreign investments in Iasi County increased by almost 30% compared to the same period of the precedent year. In last years, Iasi became the headquarters for companies operating in smart specialization fields such as Amazon, Endava, Embarcadero, Continental, Bentley Systems. This was possible as well due to the qualified human resources provided by the local universities. International experiences (practice abroad) in the fields’ objective of the students stages (where expertize and know how proved and well known for a real upgrade of the students are) will be a great add value, for their technical growth and professional upgrading.


So, what are we going to ask you? Helping us in a series of practical trainings abroad, with external partners, to be organized abroad in the next 10 months. You will have the opportunity to host our youngsters in order to work with them, have a common positive experience in practice and upgrade your organization activity during their traineeship abroad. For us, this will be very important and will generate, through a constant monitoring of what students are practically learning through stages, real improvements/ benefits. Students need to facilitate internships in a real work environment and innovative solutions for practical training, such as real internship / traineeship programs. An experience that will help them to learn, grow and be ready for work in a next future.


The 321 students from GT should benefit from decent practice conditions, will raise the level of their vocational education and they will gain the necessary skills to find a job place to practice on their own in a real work environment. Students do not know how to work and the project will establish a common way of conducting internships (at local level and abroad) and trained and monitored tutors will help them (implementing a set of clear rules, with specific objectives and unitary quality standards).


The project will develop new internship partnerships with new employers on the labor market. The project – considering the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 - will also use new technologies in attracting practice partners (Romanian and foreign) by developing an online application that will ensure a coordinated information system in both directions: from the university, student and employers.


The project will develop innovative internship / traineeship programs in an environment of real work. Our project will offer the 36 students from the target group the opportunity to make internships in EU countries where progress were made and relevant, linked to their fields of specialization.


This activity will involve students of the Faculty of Machine Construction and Industrial Management with specializations in: Machine Building Technology, Digital Production Systems, Welding Engineering, Fine Mechanics and Nanotechnologies, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines and Systems, Economic Engineering in Mechanical field. The project will be implemented over a period of 24 months and will include at least one full academic year. The project will also take place during the summer, because students can enter internship and traineeship programs easier in summertime: obviously, internships will take place depending on the program established in the university program.


Our role is to participate in the conclusion and development of sustainable partnerships with the private sector establishing a functional system of internships, addressed to students. We will, together with your help, we will be involved in the organization of internships in the member states of the European Union, where visible progress has been made in the areas covered by the project.



For further information related to the “TechJobs” project and on the activities we are going to organize in the next future, in Romania and abroad, do not hesitate to contact me at catalin.mihaescu@data-serv.ro. If interested, we can set up a cooperation in order to train abroad and within your company/ organization these Romanian students.


Conferințǎ lansare proiect POCU/626/6/13/133398



Avem plǎcerea de a vă invita să participați la Conferinta de lansare a proiectului POCU/626/6/13/133398, cu titlul " TechJobs - Stagii de practicǎ pentru studenții Universitǎții Tehnice "Gh Asachi" din Iași ȋntr-un mediu de lucru real", care va avea loc în data de 13.11.2020, de la ora 11:00, în online, utilizând platforma Google Meet: meet.google.com/sxa-utte-dgi. Proiectul este implementat de către Universitatea Tehnică "Gh Asachi" din Iași, în parteneriat cu SC Data Serv Accounting SRL București. Prin acest proiect ne propunem ca obiectiv general, creșterea cu 129 a numǎrului absolvenților Universitǎții Tehnice "Gh Asachi" din Iași care îsi gasesc un loc de muncǎ , ca urmare a accesului la activitǎți de învǎțare la un potențial loc de muncǎ /cercetare / inovare, cu accent pe sectoarele economice cu potențial competitiv, identificate conform SNC și domeniile de specializare inteligentǎ conform SNCDI, creșterea cu 321 a numǎrului studenților Universitǎții Tehnice "Gh Asachi" din Iași sprijiniți pentru tranziția de la școalǎ la piața muncii, prin participarea la stagii de practicǎ la un potențial loc de muncǎ /cercetare / inovare, cu accent pe sectoarele economice cu potențial competitiv, identificate conform SNC și domeniile de specializare inteligentǎ conform SNCDI, cu respectarea unor proceduri clare și a unor standarde de calitate definite.


Pentru informatii suplimentare privind proiectul, vǎ rugam sǎ accesați pagina web a Facultǎții de "Construcții de Mașini și Management Industrial": aici, sau sǎ contactați Managerul de proiect, ȋn persoana d-nului Conf. Dr. Ing. Corneliu BURLACU.


Informații suplimentare:

Conf. Dr. Ing. Corneliu BURLACU- Manager Proiect

Tel: 0742143446; E-mail: corneliu.burlacu@academic.tuiasi.ro


Agenda conferintei de lansare a proiectului

POCU/626/6/13/133398, "TechJobs - Stagii de practicǎ pentru studenții Universitǎții Tehnice "Gh Asachi" din Iași ȋntr-un mediu de lucru real!"


11:00-11:20 – Intrarea ȋn online a participanților

11:20-11:45 – Cuvânt de deschidere

Conf. Dr. Ing. Corneliu BURLACU- Manager Proiect

Prof. Dr. Ing. Dan CAȘCAVAL- Rector Universitatea Tehnicǎ "Gh Asachi"

Prof. Dr. Ing. Cǎtǎlin Gabriel DUMITRAȘ- Decan Facultatea de "Construcții de Mașini și Management Industrial"/Responsabil SA5.1

11:45-12:00 –Prezentarea partenerului din cadrul proiectului și aportului ȋn cadrul parteneriatului

Cǎtǎlin MIHĂESCU- Coordonator tehnic

Iolanda CHIOARU- Responsabil antreprenoriat

12:00-12:20 –Prezentarea proiectului

Conf. Dr. Ing. Corneliu BURLACU- Manager Proiect

12:20-13:00 - Întrebări şi răspunsuri. Detalii vis-a-vis de implementarea proiectului. Concluzii.

13:00 - Închiderea conferinței


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